Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Email Feeback / Complaint to Pizza Hut's Operation, GM

Kampar (New) No 1 & 2 Ground Floor No 5 & 6 1st Floor Lot 105 & 106, Bangunan Baitulmal, Jalan Idris, 31900 Kampar Perak

To : General Manager, Operations. I'm Yvonne, a shah alam resident.. last weekend i had pay a visit to one of your branches at kampar, perak (address stated above).

Not to mention i'm a regular customer of Pizza Hut thus a pizza lover like nobody else will do since young till now, but last weekend i meet a big disappointments towards the food and service there, that was a really terrible experience for me to dine-in there compare to any other outlet / branches of yours no matter at shah alam or the whole selangor state's branchs.

1) I went in there and sat at a table which is not clean up yet and keep on hands up for table cleaning service for around 20-25 minutes then only there is a waiter comes and clean it rudely and end up with a sentence to me impolite said "Is It OK NOW?"

2) After the table is clean up but no one bother to do the table setting.. and No one takes order

3) After around 15-20 minutes later, cant bear to wait anymore for them to come and take order at our table so we went to the cashiering counter to take order by there.

4) In a while later the soup is served (without spoons), need to get it myself from the counter / the mini bar there. The chicken soup served is insolube, not a little bit or a small want.. but there is alot of it big in size floating in the soup. How do you expect us to drank it like that?

5) We've ordered a salad, but no salad bowl bring to us.. need to get it our self from the cashiering counter again, then the terrible thing comes when we visited the salad bar.. just a few choices left only.. everything is finished according to the staff there.. (it is not worthy at all to have that bowl of salad with nothing much in it)

6) Finished the soup and the salad for 30 minutes after that only the pizza is served.. but the worst comes when the pizza is improper baked.. (half side baked well and another is not)

7) The Hawaiian Supreme we ordered is almost can said it's without pineapple.. extremely less pineapple, I have not face those problem before in any other branches regarding to this problem.

8) The waiter's attitude seems like not willing to do refill for the jug when we request to have refill.

9) We're done with the food and before we leave, we realized that the garlic bread and the Breadstix is not served yet.. asked the waiter.. and he answer "wait, it is still cooking at the kitchen" alright waited for another 10 minutes for that until it's served, but it taste bad.. the garlic bread and the Breadstix is very hard and cold..(not oven out) not as the waiter said "still cooking in at the kitchen"

10) Faced problem to pay the bill because there is no cashier in charged there to settle up bills, long wait.. long queue

To the operation manager or who ever who is in charged in this matter please take note to the problem and dissatisfactions i've mention above, the food standard, quality, long waiting time and the service manner of your staff with the improper working attitude should be concern by your side to improve and serve us better as a consumer.

Yvonne Cheah

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

26th May 2007 - Big Dissapointment working in Giant Hyper Shah Alam

Hi friends,

26 th May 2007 is the last weekend for me to end my 2Nd contract with Nestle under DP for the permanent Ts. But honestly i can said i really felt the most unhappy and frustrated day ever in my 2 years+ commitment with DP. Hereby i wanna start sharing with you guys what I've experienced last Saturday..

1st issue : Around 7 pm, Viki told me Kak May (supervisor) called him just now and said both of us got complaint by the retailer saying that we left our booth for a long period (not at the booth doing trial). Oh my god, that was a false accusation lolx.. If let's say i was really 'snaking' at the backroom then it's fine, i can be blame so but now it's in a different case.. I prepare Milo till half death at the backroom area (in the cage) with the 'nice' and hot environment, sweating like hell doing and rushing for all the stuff then end up with a complaint by retailer? It was so unfair, I've been charge of something i has not commit.. do u know how does that feels? I bet you may ask any of the ex-Milo Ts how busy is it and how often you may leave your booth to make a new flask of Milo? I can tell you the 3 flask i serve can be finish in just 15 minutes time if in High-Trial (peak) or not then normally will be in around half an hour or the most will reach 45 minutes once. The procedure or the thing i do after the Milo finish is wash 3 of the flask, then measure the capacity of water for each of the variance to be made and then add in the Milo n stir well. After that need to do cleaning for the flask and the cage, wipe here and there a little bit then refill the water in the airport and let it boil. That's not all, once your 5.5 L water finish used.. u will either need to purchase it at the outlet like a consumer and bring it in thru the staff entrance and body search by the security.. tell you who ever who dunno, that is not near OK? some more need to carry the damn freaking heavy 5.5 L water.. usually i buy 4 bottle once so that i no need to waste so much time to buy it separately.. OK i guess I'm way out of the topic already.. let's proceed.

2nd issue : Around 8 pm, I've been scolded hardly by a consumer with all those rude words..The storey happen like this, there is a small little chinese boy age around 3-4 year old (i guess) came to my booth and wait for me to serve him Milo.. But normally i won't serve kids without their parent's permission so i told the boy nicely in both english and mandrin version ask him to bring his parents to come over to take it for him because it's veri hot, then this little boy very good.. he left my booth and go and find for his parents for it. And here comes a Malay women to my booth with her daughter almost the same age with the little boy and she saw that i'm not giving the chinese boy Milo.. so here is the conversation between us :
Malay : Kenapa you tak bagi budak tu Milo?

Me : Sorry ah kak sebab Milo ini memang panas takut melecur, jadi baik suruh parents dia tolong ambikkan.
Malay : Mengada (with a veri LCLY tone)
Me : Ah kak Ini memang polisi sykt.. sb takut budak tu melecur, bukannya i tak nak bagi dia minum.
Malay : Banyak cakap.. Mengada betul
Me : *What can i do? I notice that this women's daughter wanted to taste the Milo so much, so i serve her with manner..with the product features and benefits while ask her which variance she wanted to try*

Malay : Alah.. ini lah
Me : *Pour and serve in with manner in the plate and gave it to this women, continue to explain bout the Milo*
Malay : Bagi kat dia lah. (she mean serve it directly to her daughter)
Me : Ah kak boleh ke i bagi kat adik ni? Sb ia betul-betul panas, ataupun ah kak tolong ambikkan takut melecur nanti.
Malay : I kate bagi kat dia you bagi kat dia aje lar.. KURANG AJAR punya budak, TAK PAHAM BAHASA !!! (this sounds damn loud and clear)
*All the promoter and consumer beside me also looked at me*
Me : *Serve her daughter as she want to, and i got nothing to said*

Damn frustrated and i cant scold her back cause she is the consumer, and I'm holding the Nestle's brand name as their promoter at the selling floor..i cant do anything, (if not i feel like slapping her hardly and wake her up with the hot boilling Milo) i just kept quiet for a while then i really can't continue my trial at that moment right after get scolded by her because i was totally HOT at that time so i give myself a 5 minute break to get some fresh air and cool myself down..

3rd Issue : Around 9.20 pm while all the TS already finish packing and closed their own booth at the backroom, so as usual we will need to put in all our stuff inside the cage including the booth to prevent it may get lost or to be thrown away by retailer if we keep it not in order or missed place it outside of the cage. Viki was there, he carried all the booth into the cage and i'm trying to help abit on the wooden booth cause it's kinda heavy to get on to the cage.. while other TS all just stand aside and see only, ok fine.. that is not a problem. After the 5 units of 2' x 1' wooden booth is in then followed by the 4 units of E-star booth placed horizontally right ontop of the wooden booth.. So everything is in and safe, just left the 2 calcimex dispenser to put in only, but then here comes a TS said "kak may kata pagi ni entah siapa punya booth kena letak kat luar ni" then ask her properly whose booth and why need to do so? and she answerd "tak tau lah.. tapi yang i tau kena letak 2booth kat luar sini, jadi keluarkan lah" then i said since everything it's inside the cage already then just leave it.. Viki added and said it's much more safer to put the booth inside compare to outside, if not the booth lost already who is gonna take the responsibility to pay? So this TS already abit frustrated cause both of us didnt listen to her.. and she said "I dah beritau dah amanah kak may untuk letak 2booth kat luar, kalau besok apa-apa jadi KORANG yang berlagak pandai untuk masukkan semua booth ni lah yang bertanggungjawab ye !!!" Then she just see us put in her dispenser and lock the cage.. After that every one of us leave the caging area and she was with a trolley of rubbish wanted to thow it to the garbage room and shouted "TEPI !!" veri loudly to me cause i was walkin infront of her.. may i know how old is she? How come she can act so childish? I totally got no idea bout it..

Both day of 26-27 May 2007 i was very moody and felt very dissapointed to all the issue i've mention above..from the missunderstand of the retailer to i get scolded rudely in the public by the brainless consumer.. but the most upsad case and the worst among that is when u faced your own company TS, they do not give you any coperation in your work..No commitment from them.. No click with them.. Lolx that was the biggest dissapointment i felt in this team, because we are working in a team and i does not see any teamwork happen among us. Where is the team that i've be with for the past 2 years+ ?? Anyone can answer me? The team that we worked together at Giant Hyper Shah Alam last time till 12 am without claiming OT but still very enjoying and happy..Now what i faced is only Dissapointment.. really dissapointed haiz, I guess it is meaningless for me to stay in this team anymore.. My last word is "Goodbye to the Shah Alam Demo Power Team"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drive Submarine


Sorry for keeping my blog inactive these weeks.. Not i don't want to update it but I really have no time to do so, haiz :(

Alright today i would like to share with you all something happen to my car last month.. Haha if not mistaken that will be 3rd April 2007. The storey began like this, my mentor inform us to get back to college by 2Nd April to do the subject registration for this semester and to collect my previous semester's result at the same day.. As early as 8.30 almost 9am I've already reached college, then went to the Block C to the registration tent and get a number while gather with few of my course mates.. approximately around 10min later, one of them announce that the registration for DPG (Dip in Management courses) & DKE (Dip in Electrical engineering) is not available on that day and had been postpone to the next day... haizz felt damn suxs cause need to waste my energy to crow up early in the morning to college for nothing? damn frustrated lolx..

Then the next morning.. same things happen, reached college around 8.30-9.00am also and thank god Lolly san get a number for me before i reach.. Haha guess what? the number she get for me that early is 25xx lolx.. Which mean i need to wait for around 500+ student before my turn.. OK, I've already predict my number will be call out at around 4pm+.. The sad thing is, the dept will close by 5pm leh.. u can imagine how the way of government worker works, that is actually what the same goes to my college's staff.. They worked damn slow, all slow motion like a snail crow like that haiz.. So i drove to Giant Hyper Shah Alam to "lepak lepak" and waste my time there to have my lunch with few of my friend and hang out there to walked for a few hours before we went back to college for the number.. Went back at around 3.30pm, and i saw a nice parking place which is near to the Block C's Tent.. since it was convenient so i just parked my car there. The sky is getting darker and darker.. half an hour after that it started to rain.. Hohoho.. once rain, the registration management start to became clumsy.. everything goes not systematic, at that time there is suppose to be another 50+ student only until my turn.. haha when rain.. No number followed, we just passed our student card to them and they help us to settle it. After waited for a while, finally my registration is DONE..

When i slowly walk out from the hall while busy checking at the registration slip.. Then i looked out i saw the water was like waving.. so i asked my friend "Har.. why the road is covered with water geh? Izzit flood?" (seems like stupid question right, but that is what you will ask when you are there) And my friend answered me "Eh.. it really seems like flood lar.. Where you parked your car?" After that my respond was like "What the hack happen? Just rained for half an hour only already flood till knee lenght? Oh ya.. MY CAR must be flooded with water already...holy SHIT".. I quickly walked to my car and see hoping that it's fine.. but sadly it already entered water *sob sob* (so damn panic + worried feeling..don't know want to start the car and drive it to a higher place or not) cause the water level at my parking place is much more higher.. once i open the door i saw my car is full of water inside lolx.. First person i think of is to called DADDY, ermm.. just started to talk a few sentence about that then the line was automatically cutted (no more credit, geram!!) So i started the car.. seat in it, so damn watery... reverse slowly and drive to a higher place right opposite, At that time i felt i was like driving submarine more than a car man !! Drive against the water flow.. wahseh really crazy :s

That day drove back home at 9pm with my leg soak in the water, the best thing is i can feel n hear the water shore sound every time i turn or brake my car... HAHAAHA the water is like flushing left to right, front and back hahaha the worst thing comes by the next morning cause need to do the cleaning process before class.. whole car smells like shit, used Air Wick Odor Stops alot.. but still really cant cover the smell.. haiz now still with 1 kind of smell leh.

3rd April 2007 is my first experience to transform my lovely car to a submarine and DRIVE it lolx... aahahahaa, not every one of you could experienced it right~ (i feel better by saying that) Hahahaha

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hi frens,

It has been a long period i didn't update my blog already.. In calculation i guess that will be around 2 month++ lolx haha, so sorry for that.. As the title above currently I'm having my semester break holiday, but most of you will wonder I'm having my holiday right? I should be free but why am i like MIA? (Missing In Action) hehe.. Actually I'm still here, didn't go elsewhere.. and no money to do so also haha.. but i just spend more time for my office work in this holiday, normally i will only go to work after my class.. but now since I'm having my holiday and the office is kinda messy now with bunch of work need to settle besides preparing the last years company profit calculation thingies, so i got to work everyday (Mon-Fri) either early in the morning or at the noon till late at night. And weekend, no question bout having normal life haha.. i will stuck myself with another part time job also as a TS.. Tell you 1more thing if you don't know it yet, i get myself tied again with the Nestle contract again lolx.. life is like that, with so many question mark and very miserable

OK.. Although it's my holiday, but i haven't have time to pay a visit to any of the cinema to watch movie leh..haiz missed that alot, i got a few movie that comes up my mind and i wanna watch it !! erm.. such as Mr. Bean's Holiday, Stomp The Yard, Ghost Rider, Haunted School.. haha of course that will do if only time allows... This week is already consider is my last week of holiday, wow.. time passed by so fast 3 weeks of my holiday will just end it up like this.. So normal and not enjoy full at all? Wuwuwu... Next Monday i will need to face the bad sided of the reality, what i mean is the RESULT release day.. haiz better don't think bout it first.. let me enjoy my last few days before suffer from the result.. OK that's all for now.. i got work to do already, I'll keep my blog update once I'm free.. OK?

have a nice day~
bye bye :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

my very First Blog here at Blogspot

Hello frens,

As the title above, now I'm typing my very First Blog here at Blogspot *welcome clap* hehehe, so for your information I've been blogging for past few months already (at friendster's blog), and now i found a better place for me that makes me have the initiative to switch and start blogging here..So to all my beloved friends and blog readers.. In the future i will update my blog with some news bout myself, my experience, or something that is happening, and my crap.. all here at hehehe if you're free or bored, or want to know more about me please get yourself update with it, and last but not least.. after reading please feel free to leave a mesg or comment for me ya, you are very welcome to do so.. thanks :D

Ermm.. for now i still don't have any idea on what to share with you guys yet, but i don't think like want to leave the space empty here so i guess it will better for me to copy some of my blog from the previous page that i wrote to let you guys to read / recall it back here. Hope that you all will enjoy reading it and if you feel dizzy after reading it, then i would like to take the chance here to apologise cz it may contains many grammar mistake and English error + a total messed up with few different language in my blog, so if you cant understand those weird weird words then try your best to understand it or not, then just leave a mesg to ask me, I'll reply you asap haha..anyway in the future i would try my best to have my blog in way better in the grammar and spellings, haha hopefully i could :P

P/S : All the blog posted below this is copied from my previous blog at Friendster's page.. the new and updated one will be arrange at on top of this.. thank you !

Friday, January 12, 2007

uSeLesS ExAmiNeR :@

It's time for me to update n shout out my dissatisfaction.. haha sori ya, i always use my blog to share something unhappy more than happy lolx hehe..pity my blog reader (do i hav) haha anyway sori sori.. wat to do, tat's my life :)
Yesterday i've been informed by my classmate tat my exam timetable got a slightly changes to the Operation Behavior's paper..(11/1) the actual time was at 8-10 AM but had been changed to 8-10 PM, woooo tat was abit shocked at first but then feels cool too.. cz guess wat? got more time = can sleep 1st haha
Veri bored le.. wat else to write? ermm..ok let's summarize wat i've done the whole day.. okey today i woke up at around 2.30pm ^^ then ate my lunch for a while.. after tat waste my time abit more til around 4pm oni i take out my notes to do 'small notes' (write n summarize d notes) for the whole chapter 1-4, n as i rmb i keep on doin tat til 6pm.. yes it's 6pm, it's my DRAMA time hehe at tat time of cz put everything aside n set my ass infront the tv lar hahaaha.. later on around 6.30pm like tat i take my dinner ehehehe yummy "ipoh lai fun" mum special made de..*delicious* i ate 1big bowl of it evethough im not hungry yet.. lolx like down sindrom like tat hehe :S ok.. let's continue, til 7pm my drama end liao but then i receive a mesg from my classmate tat ask me to go college earlier to accompany her cz she ady reached there..haha how could i? like not yet take my shower? go to college? cannot cannot..haha after tat straight away go n get a quick shower n b prepared in 15-20 min hehe..n reached college at 7.35pm.. then oni i take out my small notes n start reading... ya read, all the while i din read at all jz bz writing it down n i cant rmb a single thing about it :( reli none of it enter my brain, sad hor..mayb tis is wat ppl say weak brain power or brainless tat time oni I start struggling to read the pieceses of note tat i've done from 7.35-7.50.. wahh = around 15mins oni le, holy god im reli crazy.. 7.50 need to enter the exam hall liao wif empty brain aihz.. "no eye see".
Everything went smooth in the exam hall at 1st, then I noticed 1thing jz now which is the 1st person who leave the hall is at 8.50pm haha silly me huh? bored ma hahaha..ok tat fella reli cool..but im not so sure either he dunno how to answer the paper or he manage to finished it so soon..i reli got no idea, as usual after the 1st person left the hall.. everyone start following 1 by 1 n veri fast the hall jz left less than 10ppl in it at 9.15... 5ppl left at 9.20 n lastly 9.35... jz left 2 ppl haha (tat include me n taufu) but both of us still bz answering those question.. then here comes the examiner speaks "tinggal 25min shj" ok.. i also din giv her any respond cz trying to squeeze out my brain jus to answer those question.. then who knows suddenly the examiner come near to both of us (taufu n i) wif a serious face n said "cepat cepat, kenapa lambat sangat? nanti office tutup"... omg tat time oni around 9.35 leh.. our exam til should ends at 10pm, how could she come n 'blow' us? halau us? then once after she said those words.. makes me blur for a second n lost liao, cant think of any point to continue answering my paper..jammed liao, damn shit !! then i hav no mood to continue liao.. tied my paper n hand over to her, then i c taufu also did the same thing.. so v left the hall at around 9.45 or 9.50 like tat oni.. haizzz damn suxs, i wil complaint tis to my lecturer..rmb i wil report tis COMPLAINT tis useless examiner :@
kla 3.30am liao luu so tat's al for now.. wanna go oi oi liao, need to wake up early in the morning to work at office haiz.. goodnite my fren, tc.. muaxsss

Monday, January 8, 2007

ExAm eXaM eXAm.. StreSed uP !!!

Hi Frenz,
It's time for me to update my blog here again..aihz last week i planned to do my revision for my Mid-Semester exam so i request to on leave for tat saturday n sunday which i supposed to work at The Store Shah Alam, but then at last it ends up with nth lolx..i mean I've done nth to do my revison for my studies but jz wasting my own sweet time by enjoying the weekend holidays, haha mayb i can say it reli has been a long time i didnt hav a normal weekend life already *sob sob* :'( continuesly for months after months i dun hav holiday..lolx those who knows me well wil know my daily routine for weekdays is jz to class n work, class n work.. then comes to the weekends also wil b doin the same thing work work work.. Especially the contract job.. reli killing me, but thxs god I've end the contract already haha ~phew
Or in the other way.. i can also said mayb it's caused by the stressed n pressure tat bother me these days, me myself dunno y everytime when i feel like wanna take out the book n start to do revision..sure will hav the hard n strong feelings tat makes me out of my mood to continue study.. jz touched the 1st page, then STOPPED.. close my book n put it aside then continue wif my own business. etc wash my car, go out of my hse n hav some wind, send stuff to my fren at klang while yum cha hehe, back home watch tv..and non-stop eating... yerrrr i know im fat enuf liao, but i can feel tat im gaining weight these days WuWuWuuu :'( eat until so abnormal haizzz sad sad..
The paper today was actually superb easy for those who read everything.. n for me it was so so n ok ok lar.. cz i jz read chapter 1 n 2.. totally missed the whole chapter 3, aihzzz i think if i total-up all the time tat i used to do my revision for tis management strategy wil only b around 1hr+ to 2hr only.. believe it or not? believe it.. used all the time to relax myself haiz..hate myself cz givin too much excuss for myself...yerrr yor..haizz kla stop wif the crap liao cz today also not in my mood to type so long for my blog haha, so tat's al for now.. i wanna go watch movie luu byebye..